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Brandon Whittington Storm Chasing
Meade, KS, June 2, 2005
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This was one of my favorite chases of the year. A large supercell thunderstorm was developing just south of Meade, KS. The SPC had already issued a SLIGHT RISK for that area.
Ben and I packed our stuff and raced north on Highway 23 to Meade, KS and Fowler, KS. 


Just another low wall cloud, it is quickly swallowed up by rain. Bottom pictures on the page show the rain being wraped around it.

On this particular chase, we ran into hail right off the bat. When emerging out of the ran and hail, we were looking right at a giant wall cloud, The image on the right is the wall cloud, we are still in the rain a little bit.


After emerging from the hail and rain, we found that the entire storm was getting better organized.

Below is a picture of some of the hail we went through.



Above picture is a picture of a tornado on the ground. This video-still picture is not the greatest, but there is a tornado on the ground. Law enforcement reported the tornado on the ground for about 3 min... We timed it at only 1.


Picture below is what is left of the wall cloud. Rain and Hail swallowed it up and we were unable to have a good view of it.


Below, there is a heck of a lot of dirt being spun up behind the rain and hail. Look just to the right of the tree.