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Well, my life is pretty simple and interesting right now. Ever since I can remember, I have loved the weather and have had a passion for it. When not dealing with the weather, I find myself hunting or fishing.
I'm currently a student at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, studying Natural Science. I plan on graduating in December 2006, and then I have to deal with the thought of Graduate school. I plan on attending Texas Tech for my Grad School. If a meteorology job opens up in Amarillo, either a TV, or at the National Weather Service, before grad school, I will take the job. I have always loved the Texas Panhandle and its weather. I would love to stay around home.  
I began to storm chase in 2002, and after that first chase, I knew I was hooked for ever. The 2002 chase season was not the most productive, but it was all a learning experience. On May 15, 2003, I found myself with a couple of buddies in between Stratford, TX and Guymon, OK. This was the day that the Panhandles set a record number of tornadoes in a single day, 26.  The next couple years after that, I have learned something new every chase. My knowledge has grown when forecasting Severe Storms.
My most exciting part of my life would have to be my Internship at KAMR-KCIT-TV in Amarillo, TX under Chief Meteorologist Bill Turner in the spring of 2005. I learned a great deal about the weather from Bill and I still use the same forecasting methods to this day. I learned about all the different forecasting models and how to read them. I even got to run the radar while Bill was on the air. It was Awsome.......
Please feel free to browse through my sight and enjoy....