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Brandon Whittington Storm Chasing
Turkey, TX.....May 12, 2005
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This was one of those days that you know something was going to happen. The SPC issued a MODERATE RISK  2 hours before the initial storms formed, and when they did, they meant business. I called RoyDon and Travis up and headed south to the Plainview area. We raced south on highway 83 and when we reached Wheeler, the 1st tornado warning was issued.


Above is the 1st wall cloud that we spotted, reports state that there is rain-wraped tornado behind this feature.


Reports of a Rain-Wraped wedge tornado.


Above is the development of a large wall cloud. Below image shows the classic wall cloud. Cloud points toward the rain.


The below image is very iffy. Reports by spotters say that there is a tornado on the ground at this time. We are pretty far away from the cloud at this time, so I can't say yes, or no.



Above is a small funnel that appeared out of the rain.


Awsome rotation below the wall cloud, Funnel does form.